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Half-Screwed Death and Rebirth Released
October 24th, 2013 by Buff Drinklots

Half-Screwed Death and Rebirth. Half-Screwed is finished.

Hello everyone. Here’s the final version of Half-Screwed. The game that made you cry and laugh. This project which is about peaking over 3 years of off-and-on coding is finally done.

This version doesn’t focus on adding more content to, but more-so fixing any issues I’ve seen and adding in a few things I wanted to add since starting the project.

Enough jibber jabber, its time for changes and downloads.




Half-Screwed Source Code: SVN

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October 5th, 2013 by Buff Drinklots

DEATH and REBIRTH is the (for real this time) final version of Half-Screwed.


Why? The final version of Half-Screwed was riddled with bugs and was pretty much mailed in. I never felt settled with what I had released to the public. With all this, there was no bots, which I later found out many people enjoyed. Right now you can see the daily progress in the SVN here.

Yes. This means you can check out the new version early by compiling the code (Windows only, sorry). There are a few new assets, so just placehold em in where it tells you to.

Release Date? I plan to release before Halloween. If I don’t make that deadline, before Christmas. I am working on top of making this game, so progress is a little slowed at the moment.

What to expect? A few new weapons, bots, a few game modes. Just general gameplay added that I wanted to add before but didn’t for one reason or another.

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Announcing a new game!
February 28th, 2013 by Buff Drinklots

Here is the working title: “SUPER SAYIAN SLAM”.


What is it?

A source mod, that’s all I can say.





Other game news:

Gay Glenn II is going to be remade from the ground up. It’ll be better than ever.

Anime Con Simulator is on hiatus. :(


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What is happening in the 2013.
February 14th, 2013 by Buff Drinklots

Most of the games are put on halt as we focus on other projects having to do with Dethklan. Right now, we are working on getting The Soda Pop Boys going. As well as getting chatlogs on Dethklan itself.

If you want to see my latest mishaps on coding and such, just check it out here.

As for progress, there really isn’t much, it’s been a quiet winter and such. Check back soon for more.

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October 2012 Updates.
October 22nd, 2012 by Buff Drinklots

The month is flying by. Wow. Anyway, here is some updates.

A fellow indie developer team who are loosely affiliated with us released their first (and only game under the name of “Some Jerk Productions”) called: Dying with Thyself. Check it out, it’s been a long road for them.

Half-Screwed: Remix has been released and I am done with it. If there are any bugs or anything, I may release a bugfix patch. For now, it’s done. The SVN of the Source Code is here. I encourage people to use the Source Code and base off their ideas with my code base, it’s ugly and shitty but if you want, make it even better!

Anime Convention Simulator: Production has been at a standstill, but this will come back into production. It’s been handed off to other members as a collaborative effort.

???: A new game. More to be announced whenever.


Until then, be sure to check out Dying with Thyself.

Thanks and Have Fun!

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Half-Screwed: REMIX Released.
September 26th, 2012 by Buff Drinklots

Introducing Half-Screwed Remix, the for-real-this-time final version. Included is the full package, no patches nothing. And of course the update of the source code is already on SVN and for download. Now this update has good and bad and ugly. But before I get into it, This means that Open Beta has been cancelledmainly because I took up a job that now occupies a lot of my time, so I cannot put work into it for too long at times. However, let’s get to the relevant data:





Download: ModDB

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DATESIM+: Re-Released!
July 30th, 2012 by Buff Drinklots

I finally got around to updating DATESIM+ and putting up a download link. This includes a handful of bug fixes.

Check it out here!

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July 3rd, 2012 by Buff Drinklots

It has been a whole month since our last blog post. A few things then.

Half-Screwed: Work on this is pretty much almost complete. A new page will be added for it when we are satisfied on how it presents itself. There are some good AND bad news about the next version, but it’ll work out in the end.

Anime Con Simulator: The work is kicking off and more information will be posted much later. Expect some within the week.

Gay Glenn II: Everything has been scrapped and we are reworking everything back to the ground up. Again, more information will be posted later.

DATESIM: A name you haven’t heard in a while. New download links will be provided to DATESIM+ within the next days coming.

Thank you all for your tremendous support and shout out to the folks at Bloodbath Software as we help them get back on their feet with their projects. Game on!

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Half-Screwed: Did you think it was over?
June 4th, 2012 by Buff Drinklots

I am here to show off a teaser trailer of the latest edition of Half-Screwed. Reason this version will exist is pretty simple.
I had tons of ideas and other fun things mapped out for Half-Screwed. However due to time constraints and other influences, these things never made it to the final product. “Gold Final” is essentially a rushed product that had half of what I wanted to add and I felt unhappy about the release since.

Now something else is rising from the ashes, what is it? You’ll soon find out.

Did you think it was over?

As always you can download Half-Screwed at: ModDB

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Collabration with Bloodbath Software
May 10th, 2012 by Buff Drinklots

We are now working with Bloodbath Software on their Half-Life mod called Overturn.

A bit about it, Overturn is through the eyes of Ivan, a high-rank scientist involved in expeditions to Xen much earlier that anyone.


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